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Lessons of team work & collaboration

I have “officially” launched REA Solutions as REA Solutions last July 2016. I mean, it was already REA Solutions for a long time but with only one team member – ME! Last July 2016, I wanted to grow and delve a bit of project management but still be able to do what I do best – thus I had an “official” launched.
First of, I never like giving out work. Not because I’m selfish or anything but because I when I know how to do something, I just do it. However, last July, I lost one big client and told myself I would never let that happen to me again. And it was like a bend in the road of opportunities opening up. With the current overflow of tasks, I realized that even if I know how to do all of these things, there is only one me and I need help.
Delegation is hard. Letting go of tasks that I know how to do is still very difficult. It is a learning process and here are a few lessons I have learned along the way:
1. Never expect your team members to be able to do what you do. Sure, I know not everyone can do everything I do; one client even said that if they can hire at least one-half of me, they will be happy. So for future project managers out there, here is lesson number one, your team members have their individual strengths – know what they are and use that to your advantage.
2. Never compromise quality. I have always valued my work product. I make it a point that whatever output I give out to my clients is the best I can do so in delegating work, I still double and triple check things out. Standards should never be sacrificed just because one is comfortable in the knowledge that the task is finished.
3. Be patient. This is one trait I really don’t have a lot onstock. And I know for a fact that working with me can be pretty hard because I give direct comments and suggestions. Explaining a task to a team member requires patience and I’m still learning.
4. It will always be a business. Regardless if you hire friends or family or whoever you hire, remember that it’s not about you or your relationship with your team member – it’s about the client and the task.Period.
To those reading this post and would ask me for work, I am currently not hiring. Why? Because delegation is hard.