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I read once that life was a battlefield. It sure the hell is.

It starts from the moment you open your eyes and that alarm clock rings and rings. And you fight. You fight exhaustion and tiredness and sleepiness. And you wish for that extra 5 minutes and yet you fight all that to stand up. You drink that cup of coffee like everything depends on it because you know that it will help you go through your crazy day. And you fight. As you leave your house – your thoughts are already having an argument. Did you leave your keys in the house or your phone perhaps? And if you did, do you dare go back and be late or last for a day without it? And then you fight. On your way to work, you fight each and every commuter. You see them as foes. From the bus to the train station to the ticketing booth – each man is his own. And you fight. And your day goes – fighting. For a deadline you forgot. For a coffee meeting that you missed. For a text message that you didn’t reply to. Or an email that you did not send on time. And you fight. 

But then, in the bigger scheme of things – those are just the small fights. Because lo and behold, life decides to bring us more shit and more hell or so we thought. We have to give birth. We have to be parents. We have to experience loss, betrayal, abandonment, disappointment. We have to experience sickness, frailty and even death. And yet we fight.

Why? Why do we fight? Because we hope. We hope for something better. We fight tooth and nail for those that we love. For the causes, we believe in. And even though people might think it is a lost cause – we fight. Till every drop of blood in our body has been spent – we fight.

Because there are battles worth winning. Like hearing “thank you” or “I love you” or “I miss you” to those that we work hard for. We fight for the hugs that we still can have. We fight for those short moments of being with the person we love. And yes, at the end of the day, we are bruised and beaten but because of those victories – we fight for the next day and the next and the next until all the fight we have in us is spent.