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33 Lessons I Learned As I Turn 33

1. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. You know the saying “keep it real”? It’s true.
2. You are never too old to learn new things. Discover. Make that curious kid in you alive again.
3. Shit happens. Yes, it does happen! And when it does make sure you have a lot of toilet paper.
4. It’s okay to be scared. Fear is part of life. What really matters is how you will face your fears.
5. Be honest. This is sometimes hard to do but people close me knows that I am never a good liar. But honesty is always the best policy.
6. Opportunities can be covered as challenges so take things head on. Don’t immediately say no.
Opportunities can be sometimes seen as challenges and it is always a worth it endeavor should you decide to take it.
7. Give yourself a learning curve in everything you do. Learning something new takes a while to master. Don’t be easily frustrated. Be patient. The Monalisa was not made in a day.
8. Don’t be afraid to try. If you fail, at least at the end of the day you can tell yourself that you tried.
9. “I love you” and “I’m sorry” can sometimes be overrated. There are moments in life when actions speak louder than words. There are moments when you don’t need to hear love or the asking for forgiveness, there would be moments when you need to see it too.
10. It’s okay to cry. Crying is usually seen as a form of weakness but it can also be seen as strength or happiness or great joy. Don’t hide your vulnerability. It’s normal because you are human.
11. Buy something for yourself every now and then. You deserve it. Invest in yourself every now and then. 😉
12. Love. No matter how many times you get heart broken, love. Its human nature to do so.
13. Basic make-up skills can go a long way. Looking good not for anyone but for yourself is awesome. Watching foundation videos on YouTube can be very therapeutic.
14. Treasure your friends and make new ones. Long time friends from childhood or high school or college are the perfect friends but widen the net a little bit. You will never know who you will meet and they might be good friends too.
15. Being alone does not mean your lonely. Embrace your introvert-ness. They say that introverts are the creators, the thinkers, and the planners. Company can sometimes ruin your thought process.
16. Buy good underwear. Going to the emergency room with good underwear is ideal. Never be caught unaware. So make sure you have good underwear especially for emergency purposes (or hook-ups?)
17. Widen your comfort zone. Stretch your net a little bit. A few inches wouldn’t hurt.
18. Comments and suggestions are welcome but make your own mind. People will always have opinions about everything but make sure you follow yours. Your values and beliefs are important. And more often than not, your gut is always right.
19. Forgive or at least try to. You will get hurt that I can guarantee. But forgive or at least try to. One reason to not have a heart attack is a good reason to forgive.
20. The universe is continuously expanding. What happened today might not happen tomorrow. And what happened yesterday may not happen today. Change is normal. Embrace it.
21. Gaining weight is part of life. Yup. Your metabolism slows and you slowly learn to love food more than ever. Love your body.
22. Learn to ask. When you don’t know the answer, just ask. It’s okay, to be honest that you don’t know the answer rather than pretend that you know it and be ignorant forever.
23. Embrace your limitations. You can’t do everything so learn to accept what you can’t do and live with it. It’s okay to not be perfect because your human.
24. Make love to your talents and learn to flaunt it. Don’t be shy in showing what you are good at. It’s not showing off. It’s more of being honest that you have the skills and the know how to do something. Don’t smart shame yourself. Be your number one fan.
25. It’s cool if you don’t drink or smoke or never did drugs. Being a straight-nerdy-boring person that does not have any vices besides coffee is cool because you are just being you.
26. Failure is part of life. Before you achieve success, sometimes more often than not, you fail. That’s okay. Look at each failure as a learning experience.
27. Some things don’t go as planned. No matter how detailed your plan is, shit happens, and again make sure you have a lot of toilet paper.
28. Learn to plan anyway. Its just the adult way of doing things. Having a to-do list. Its give you the feeling of being accomplished and adult.
29. Live by your means. If you can’t buy the branded bag or the latest phone, it’s okay. Living by how much you earn means knowing the value of money and the value of work.
30. Take risks. Yes, it’s scary. But there are some risks that are totally worth taking. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge when its needed.
31. Treat yourself. Go to a spa – have a massage. Eat at a posh restaurant. You deserve it. A little bit of self pampering will not hurt.
32. Take responsibility. It’s part of growing up. It’s hard to say “it’s my fault” or “that’s my bad” but sometimes you have to set your pride aside and take responsibility for your actions.It shows your strength of character and it shows that you have dignity.
33. Love yourself. Before you learn to love someone, love yourself first with all your flaws and imperfections.