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110 to a hundred-whatever

As I was checking Facebook, it has this thing of reminding you of previous posts and it showed me a picture of me from 5 years ago – thin and still working in an office. I was doing a 9 pm to 5 am job that actually pays well but let’s face it although I really didn’t look it, I was neither healthy nor happy. My then marriage was crumbling and everything was totally uncertain and scary. I was barely eating or sleeping due to stress and I had to muster the strength to wake up, stand up and go to work. I was a 110 lbs then.
Fast forward to today, I have not seen a weighing scale for some time now. Yes, I do have my fair share of stress and I still have the regular hustle and bustle of everyday life BUT I would say I’m better now compared to 5 years ago. I’m no longer in a crumbling marriage. That ship has sailed and sunk – deep deep deep in the ocean floor. So, I am now a solo parent to my wonderful boys – and I love it! I no longer have the office job BUT I have a job that I love. I work at home now. I get to work with awesome professionals in different fields. I know more people now as compared to 5 years ago (more people know me now too as compared to 5 years ago). I have always believed that happiness is overrated so let’s just say that I am in a good place now.
Looking back, here are a few reasons/actions that made things better:
1. Learn how to quit.- Not everything you worked hard for is for you. Sometimes there are things that are not for you and you have to accept it. And move on.
2. Eat – Eat whatever you like. Treat yourself. Don’t wait for a date or someone to be with you. There is enjoyment in eating alone. There is pleasure in being alone. You have to pat yourself on the shoulder every now and then because you deserve it.
3. Buy underwear that fits you. -So yeah, I did gain weight. HAHAHAHA! But, instead of wallowing up and complain that my clothes no longer fit me, I cleared my cabinet. Bought clothes that will fit and underwear! Yeah! A good pair of bra and panties will get you places!
4. Some risks are worth taking. – I get to do the job I love because I took the risk. As an introvert with social anxiety, it scares the hell out of me to talk in front of everyone but because some risks are worth taking…I get to show people and teach people about the job I love. Sometimes, I get messages that I inspire a few of them as well 😀 (imagine that!).
5. You be you. – Buzzfeed was right all along. You don’t need to be anyone else. Love yourself and be honest with yourself. Love who you are and if you can’t do that yet, at least accept who you are and what you can do. Because as Marie Forleo said, there is only one you